About Us

EXR Medical Management Inc. (EMMI) is the market leader in Diagnostic Imaging Management & Services. The EMMI team consists of practicing radiologists and radiology administrators with extensive experience in Diagnostic Reporting Services, Quality Management, Technologist and Radiologist peer review, RIS/PACS, department operations and Consulting.

We understand that with revenues under constant threat, growing volumes and controlling costs are the top priority which can result in a sacrifice in quality. With EMMI, you can achieve both a better bottom line with superior quality. Contact us today to show you how.

Radiologist Professional Services

EMMI's network of practicing radiologists is able to provide you with consistent radiology reporting services for your clinic or hospital. The value that EMMI radiologists provide includes;

  • Standardized reporting
  • 2 hour STAT report turn-around*
  • 24 report turn-around
  • On-site services
  • Quality Advisory services
  • Subspecialized reporting services (E.g. Cardiac CT/MRI)

Peer Review

Radiologist peer review is a hot topic within hospital administrations, government and professional bodies like the College of Physician and Surgeons Ontario (CPSO). Many facilities with one or few radiologists may lack a defined and documented peer review program. Let us help by working with your radiologist(s) to provide peer review to meet any current or future requirements.

RIS/PACS Services

Since 2007, EMMI has worked with a number of clients to implement RIS/PACS with experienced project management to handle these complex projects. Contact us today to find how EMMI can provide a full turnkey RIS/PACS and dictation solution to fulfill your digital needs.

EMMI's RIS/PACS services include;

  • No upfront costs
  • Low monthly fee/service pricing (only pay for what you use)
  • RIS/PACS System administration
  • All server hardware, storage and backups
  • Free online access to images/report to your physician community
  • Publishing and Prior retrieval from Provincial Diagnostic Imaging repositories
  • Connectivity to physician EMR systems with automated report sending
  • Experienced project management

IHF Operations Management

As owners expand by buying additional IHF's and incorporating them into their network, many require an experienced manager to oversee their operations. To hire an experienced operations manager is expensive! Let us manage your clinics at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. With our over 40 years' experience in clinic operations, we can ensure your clinics run smoothly with experienced administrative and technologist staff that adhere to the highest standards of quality.


With a team of individuals with over 40 years' experience in radiology, we have continuously refined all aspects of radiology service delivery with a focus on quality to meet and exceed requirements outlined by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and Ontario Ministry of Health. Let us show you how you can improve quality in your imaging environment by looking at your;

  • Diagnostic imaging policies and procedures
  • Technologist worksheets
  • Critical findings (STAT) communication
  • Department workflow
  • Physician Engagement and Marketing